Gary D. Rogers grew up in the gulf coast town of Freeport, Texas.  The younger of two sons, he was raised by parents who maintained a lifelong, loving relationship in a stable middle-class home.  From Stephen F. Austin State University he received a BS in biology and chemistry, along with a Masters degree in aquatic ecology.  As a young man he lived in the inner city of Brooklyn, New York, where he came face to face with the ravages of poverty, and the crime, drugs, and violence that poverty begets. It was here he began to understand that the problems this country faces will not be fixed by government, that the answers to our most devastating problems must come from the people.


Gary has been blessed with a wonderful family of his own—a loving wife of forty-four years, three great children, and one rather precocious grandson. He has a passion to protect and preserve our culture so that they, and future generations, continue to enjoy the freedoms that our country cherishes. His greatest hope is that all people live life to its fullest and accomplish all that was meant for them to achieve.


By writing this book, Gary seeks to share his own rich life experiences and the lessons he has learned along the way. The blessings of family, the events that shaped his character, and the hard times he has walked through, have all blended to forge a perspective which he presents in these pages, hoping to share valuable life lessons with his readers. His mission is to inspire authenticity in men, to equip both women and men with workable life skills and perspectives, and to empower a healthy culture of fatherhood in our country.

© 2019 by Gary D. Rogers